Pioneer Connexion at ECG

I’m delighted to announce that Pioneer Connexion will be represented at ECG in Scarborough just after the Easter weekend.  The event runs from Tuesday 29th March to Sunday 3rd April 2016.

Pioneer Connexion will have a Stand in the Marketplace for the duration and will be holding a Seminar on Wednesday 30th at 3.30 pm (location to be confirmed).  This will be a great opportunity to come and speak to members of the Pioneer Connexion team, find out what’s going on around the country and influence what we do in the coming months and years.

In the seminar, entitled “Walking in Authority” I will share some perspectives on how God is bringing together unlikely partners and churches all around the UK in a fresh wave of ecumenism – one that has the ability to unite “inherited” and “new” church.  I hope to see some of you there.NB-Portrait

Nigel Bailey, Partnership Development Director.

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