Development role becomes part-time

Having been involved with Pioneer Connexion since the very outset some six years ago, it has been a real privilege to have been able to spend most of the past three years employed by Pioneer Network to take this work forward on an employed basis.  It has been immensely challenging and rewarding.  I have been especially grateful for, and humbled by, the financial support of those who have made this possible, mostly by generous private donations.

Sadly, that season of funding is drawing to a close and, from 1st September 2016, whilst remaining employed by Pioneer Network, my hours will reduce from full-time to three days per week.  It does mean a significant personal adjustment, but this has always been a walk of faith. I thank God for His continued provision and that it remains possible to continue part-time for at least another year.

Inevitably, there will be some change of focus in terms of the work I am able to do and the level of support that can be provided centrally from Southampton.  However, that will open up opportunities for others to step up to the plate in other parts of the country.  It may also enable me to pursue other interests either professionally or in terms of local “ministry”.

Finally, I would like to say a sincere “Thank You” to everyone who has supported the work of Pioneer Connexion, financially, practically and prayerfully these past few years.  I shall share more about my personal goals and progress in my own blog in the coming days at

Nigel Bailey, Partnership Development Director

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