Collaboration between The Methodist Church and the Pioneer Network began in earnest in 2010 and has been steadily growing ever since. Our video stories will help you to gain something of a picture of how it began and is developing.

Whilst there is no formal “covenant” or partnership between our churches – the reality of the work being undertaken is reflected in a number ways:

  • Pioneer’s successful application to become a member of Churches Together in England was sponsored, at that time, by Martyn Atkins, then General Secretary of the Methodist Church.
  • Pioneer was invited to attend the 2014 and 2015 Methodist Conference as an Ecumenical Associate of Conference.
  • Part of the work of Pioneer Connexion is being funded by a Methodist “Mission & Ministry” Connexional grant, recognising the “connexional significance” of the work being undertaken.
  • Martyn Atkins, General Secretary of the Methodist Church until August 2015, was the opening keynote speaker at the 2014 Annual Leaders Conference.
  • Billy Kennedy, leader of the Pioneer Network, was invited to address the 2013 Methodist Conference.
  • Many Methodist Circuits and Districts are now involved directly in our partnership projects and a number of these have been co-funded by a combination of Pioneer and Methodist Circuit/District funds.

November 2016 saw our third Pioneer Connexion leaders summit meeting, held at Methodist Westminster Central Hall in London, jointly hosted by Billy Kennedy and former General Secretary Martyn Atkins.