Happy Birthday Mosaic

At the end of January 2017 Mosaic Church in Hull* celebrated their second birthday. In this five-minute video Mark and Deana Hull share with us some of the milestones and look ahead to exciting new developments, including:

  • The commissioning of Ann, their new Parish Nurse
  • The appointment of a volunteer coordinator for the Mosaic Café
  • The “Make Lunch” programme – an innovative initiative during school holidays, aimed at those who would normally be provided with school lunches during term time
  • The launch of a second meeting, Mosaic West, at Derringham Bank Methodist Church in Hull

Beginnings – 2012

In 2012 we advertised for the role of someone to become our first Pioneer Minister based in Endike Methodist Church in Hull. We were looking for someone who would be excited by new challenges!  A missionally-minded enthusiast! Someone with church leadership experience and a desire to build community!

We found just the right husband and wife partnership to serve this community and Mark and Deana Button began their new life of ministry here on 1st December 2013, “Authorised to Serve” as Methodist ministers.D8H_5286

Mark and Deana now form part of the Hull West Circuit Team with specific responsibility for reaching out to the people of Endike, making disciples and building community with regular support from the Pioneer Network.


80 Years of Methodist witness at Endike

Mark Button shares his reflections on 80 years of Endike Methodist Church and reminds us of how the past can re-inspire and remind us of God’s call upon our lives, and gives us hope for the future – to “Attempt great things for God, and to expect great things FROM God”.

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