Since 2010 Pioneer Connexion has been involved in many discussions and plans for property sharing and partnership. In this section we have provided some of our “Top Tips” for ensuring that this process is given every chance of a fruitful outcome for all concerned:

  • Begin with relationships and building trust: Find and explore ways to get to know one another. This might include participating in “Churches Together” events or collaborating in local mission initiatives.
  • Hard on the heels of the first point – a cup of tea or coffee goes a long way! Some one-on-one time with the ministry team in the local church or circuit will help them to understand your motivation and help in coming to an understanding of how working together, or sharing premises, might benefit both parties.
  • Take time to understand who the key decision makers and “gate keepers” are in your local context. This is likely to include the local Minister, Superintendent and Church/Circuit Stewards.
  • Do not assume that leadership rests only with the person you are principally dealing with. Methodist leadership is, in the main, collaborative and includes both Ordained and Lay men and women.
  • Look at the local church and circuit web sites to find out what you can about the church and circuit. This will help you to understand the local context.
  • You may wish to explore the main Methodist Church web site; especially the area that deals with ecumenical relationships. Click here for more information.*
  • Please be patient. Significant decisions regarding property usage, ownership or long-term hire may require discussion and approval at a number of levels.

Be aware of key dates on which meetings take place, such as Church Council or Circuit Meetings. These usually take place only three times each year and missing a meeting can add unwanted delay to your plans.

Trustees For Methodist Church Purposes (TMCP)

Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes (TMCP) owns all Methodist Property, which it holds for the benefit of local Societies or Circuits.  TMCP has produced some useful information and guidance relating to the letting of property which can be found at the following location:*

We would strongly recommend that you take some time to browse the information on that site; in particular, the section relating to the use of Methodist property by another Christian Church or Denomination.

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