IGNITE is a discipleship course that consists of 6 modules of biblical teaching that run in small groups or in churches. It is where disciples are made and leaders are raised. It is for men and women of all ages and backgrounds, whether they are new to faith and have a desire to build strong foundations and grow in their relationship with God, or if they have been walking with God for some time and are passionate to be re-ignited in their faith and equipped and empowered to bring God’s kingdom to their family, friends and community.

IGNITE is built on 3 key pillars:

  • Who is God
  • Who am I
  • What am I called to

IGNITE courses run 1 night a week over a 10 month period, and consist of worship, teaching, group work and ministry time.

IGNITE is taking place in the following locations in the UK from September 2015 onwards:

Southampton – Anna Springett (ignite@newcommunity.org.uk)

Maidenhead – Di Chapman (diana.chapman@riverchurch.org.uk)

Wimbledon –Ioannis Dekas (ioannis@doxadeolondon.com)

Cranleigh – Adam Thomas (ignitecranleigh@gmail.com)

Chichester – Derek Garner (ignite@revelation.org.uk)

Wickford – Rob Purnell (rob@newlife-church.org.uk)

Newcastle – Rob Hawkins (revrobhawkins@gmail.com)

Loughborough – Jez Cromie (jez@openheaven.org)

Lurgen – Alain Emerson (alain@emmanuel-church.co.uk)

Devon – Allan Cox (allan.cox@pioneer.org.uk)